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Ezee Market now accepts credit card for payments

Mis à jour : 1 août 2020

In adherence to keeping the many promises made to our clients (both local and international), we're pleased to inform our costumers that we now accept all credit cards for payments on our platform. You can now securely pay for all your orders on Ezee Market using your credit card and be stress-free

What is Credit Card?

A credit card is issued by a credit card provider and they are designed to pay for things in shops or online. You can also use credit cards for balance transfer and taking out cash from an ATM.

You can use your credit card worldwide as they are accepted in millions of places home and abroad. There are often fees or charges for using your credit card overseas, so check your credit card agreement before you go.

When you get a credit card, you will be given a credit limit. This is the total amount you have available to spend using the credit card. You should always leave some available credit on your credit card for any interest to be applied.

Details of all transactions you make will be shown on your statement, along with:

  • the minimum amount you must pay

  • the date by which your credit card provider must receive at least your minimum payment

We also encourage our clients in Liberia to pay for items on the Ezee Market platform using their credit cards and experience the beauty of online shopping.

Meanwhile, we still accept the previously used payments methods as well.

  • MTN Mobile Money

  • Orange Money

  • Paypal

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