Longrich Sheep Placenta SOD Milk Body Cream contains liposome SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) natural Vitamin E and moisturizers such as Glycerine and Lanoline.

Body Cream – SOD Milk

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  • Benefits Include:

    • Penetrates and repairs damaged skin.
    • Moisturizes, smoothens and makes the skin look youthful and supple.
    • Prevents skin irritation, infection, scaly skin and reduces redness and swelling.
    • Can be used to clear baby diaper rashes and scalded skin.
    • Has the affinity to skin, can penetrate into the skin and help to improve damaged skin. This body cream’s deep maintenance makes the skin keep rich lipid, prevent the skin coarse and ageing wrinkles make skin smooth and tender white and radiant youthful vitality.
    • Glycerine as its content is suitable for atopic dermatitis treatment.
    • It helps direct skin cells through their four (4) normal stages of maturity. This is important for people with diseases such as psoriasis and non-melanoma skin cancers that result from abnormal proliferation and maturation of the skin cells.

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