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Cooking Gas With Burner And Iron Pot Seater (3kg);

Cooking Gas With Burner And Iron Pot Seater (3kg);


Perfect for both outdoor and indoor (especially as a backup option) use, this camp gas cylinder is an efficient cooking appliance needed in every home.


Fueled with Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) which all gas stoves use, it's cylinder is made from durable steel yet lightweight enough to be transported especially for camping or refilling purposes. Its easy-to-use regulator enables efficient gas management and its screw-fit mechanism ensures safe, whether on or off.


This 6kg gas cylinder with camping cooker 215mm+65mm is very useful in the restaurant, office, church, mosque,  school and home. The strong gas cylinder is very essential for every home, classic or modern kitchen, students in private apartment, halls of residence or hostel, married couple, young single men and single ladies. its easy to switch and very affordable. It makes your kitchen tidy and save you a lot of space. Give it a try and you will not regret your action

  • Capacity: 6kgRound 215mm+65mm Cooking Surface>Powerful 185,000-BTU Jet Flame with Pivoting Flame SpreaderScrew-fit RegulatorSuperior Steel FrameLeak-proofRefillableEfficient Gas ManagementFirm Handle

  • Name Nathaniel  Buisness Center