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Unleashing your Potentials - “John D. Lawor”

Unleashing your Potentials - “John D. Lawor”



Potential is one word many have struggled to understand or interchanged with the word purpose. Potential is the'abilities' that resides in us as man. Looking at the world today, all the significant progresses and impacts can be attached to a person or group that have decided to explore their abilities. This exploration is what has made living easy and caused tremendous increase in all spheres of life. This does not just stop here as it finds its way in making a society what it is.

Unleashed potentials is one of the core problems of the world today as many die without fully releasing all that was inputted in them by God. This single reason made me glad as I saw John addressed in his book the way to unleashing potentials.

John did a great deal in explaining what potential is, how it can be unleashed and maximized. Until you understand that unleashing your potential is what will lead to the expression of the greatness in you, you are yet to start your journey in life.

Do you have a potential? Yes. Can you unleash it? Yes. “How?” this is answered explicitly as John takes us back to creation where it all started from until now.

If you want to navigate the path to living a fulfilled life and unleashing your potentials, I recommend this book for you.


Grace Oladele

Author, THE 'U' IN YOU.

    • Publisher : Malone Enterprise (2020)
    • Language : English
    • Hardcover : 75 pages
    • ISBN : 978-978-982-523-3
  • John Lawor is a Graduate of  Cuttington University and has been writing since the age of 14.


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