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Frequently asked questions


I am uploading products for the first time?

All products listed by merchants are reviewed and approved by our Quality Control team within 3 working days.

How to discribe my product?

To best describe the item you are selling; Please mention all the key highlights of the item (main technical specs…), Unique selling features, Functionality, Size or dimensions, Weight and be factual. Do the pitch of what you are selling by showing the customers all the benefits of your product. Do not hesitate also to copy paste pictures straight from other websites.

My Item got rejected , what do i do?

You will receive an email explaining the reason of rejection. After understanding the concern, you can edit and resubmit the listing for upload.

How many products can i upload?

There’s no limit on how many products you can list for sale on Jumia.com. And this is always free

I dont have image for my products, What can i do?

Look for images online with the help of a unique identifier of the product (Model No) or Shoot the images of a live product at a studio following Ezee Market image guidelines.


Do i have to pay registration fees?

No ! , We only charge commision from you base on the product price.

How do i register?

Download the Ezee Market App, select seller and register your business throught the vendor registration form.


How do I know when a customer places an order for my products?

You will find your new order at the Recent order section in the app and also you will receive alert and Sms on your phone when you recive an order.

What should i  do when an order arrives?

Package and prepare your item for delivery .

Why does Ezee Market need an invoice from my business ?

We needs an invoice from your store for validation the transaction. It stands to say we have received the items from you and indicates the monetary value. This means we can use that to book the transaction in our own financial system.


If I experience any issue using any service on the Seller App, who do I contact?

You can reach the Seller Support team any time you need help by emailling us at info@ezeemarket.biz


How is commision determine on Ezee Market ?

We determine commission by allow you to upload your products at it wholesale discounted price and then add our commission or we markup the price by our standand commission fees by you dont offer a discounted price.

How do i recieve my payment?

We transfer your payment directly to the account or mobile payment option provided during your registration. Please note : Your payment is subject to the return timeline of 3days.


How do i remove my products from stock?

Visit the inventory section in the app, select the product, click the edit icon and then select out of stock.


What are penalties?

As a vendor of Ezee Market, you agreed with the attached Terms and Conditions to have the right to sell on Jumia. If you don’t respect them, we may apply a penalty to your account.

The objective of penalties is two-fold:

  • Protect customers from receiving wrong items and being unsatisfied.

  • Protect you from losing sales and potential customers.

How do penalties work?

How to pay?

You don’t have to pay cash a penalty, fees will be directly retained on your Seller App.

Why do you pay?

  • Quality Check fails penalty – applied when the product fails the Quality Check, after inspection by our agent.

  • Return penalty – applied when a customer returns back an item for a quality reason.

  • Out of Stock (OOS) penalty – applied when OOS happened.

  • Counterfeit – applied when you sell counterfeit products on Ezee Market.

How much do you pay?

  • Quality Check fail penalty – $2 USD 

  • Return for poor product quality – $4 USD

  • Out of Stock - $5 USD

Counterfeit penalty:

1st attempt – The product will be immediately removed and your account will be charged $50 USD.

Second attempt – The entire account permanently removed and you won’t be able to sell on Ezee Market anymore.

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