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The Icon

My Voice, My Tool to Earn My Space

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In this year's edition, we are specifically placing emphasis on women’s empowerment. Hence, it is
the theme, “
My Voice, My Tool to Earn My Space”. We dedicate this year's edition to Our Girls & Women as a SPACE to make their voices heard.

The Icon is a Devine’s Event and Consultancy Int’l annual signature talent
discovery event that looks for, shines lights, promotes, and showcases African’s unseen, unnoticed, and unheard talents to the world for an investment opportunity. Season 1.0 successfully ended last year with two outstanding females emerging as The Icons in both categories; MUSIC and SPOKEN WORD/ Poetry amongst A total of twenty-four (24) accepted contestants after a rigorous auditioning and elimination processes. This year, season 2.0, will maintain the same categories; MUSIC and SPOKEN WORD/POETRY.

The Icon season 2.0

Theme: My Voice, My tool to earn my Space.

Event scope: Liberia

Event timeline: October 10 - December 19, 2021

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  • Must be between the ages 15-35 years

  • Must pay an amount of $ 25USD for registration

  • Just fill in the online form and submit a minute video that lyrics should be wholesome and void of being sexually aggressive or vulgar.

  • Must be willing to attend the Academy for the stipulated time and attend all grooming processes throughout this event.

Code of Conduct

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